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Description & Link Information & Additional Links Link to Applicable YouTube Video
Extended Knobs for MicroJig 360 Table Saw Sled PDF sketch of knob design. Shop Built. https://youtu.be/nQTc9zITxAs
Shop Air Filtration System W/Rikon 62-400 PDF of Sketch of my Shop Layout and Where I Located Filter  
Brass Hammer by PSI PDF of instructions, my notes, and steps of Assembly.  
Rechargeable Battery Shelf Sketch PDF Sketch  
Utility Storage Shelving PDF sketch  
Shop Made Sanding Board PDF sketch  
Using Cork Sanding Blocks PDF of how to fold sandpaper onto it  
Glue Crate to Organize Glues PDF sketch of plans https://youtu.be/zKI0tXHg0jI
Shop Vac & Separator Cart PDF sketch of plans https://youtu.be/_igmW13AifI
Worksharp 3000 Work Station Vr3 PDF article and my sketch of plans https://youtu.be/4i9_zI8ailU
Shop Propane Heater Start Up & Shut Down PDF Article and link to YouTube video https://youtu.be/2lT_2QTlR0Y
Aligning Tip Axis for Lathe Duplicator Aligning Tip Axis for Lathe Duplicator https://youtu.be/zvm96cu1ChQ
Shop Storage Shelves Plans My sketch of plans https://youtu.be/tFE4rX2t5UM
Face Shield Exhaust Deflector Plan My sketch of plans https://youtu.be/SuFQd69qP4A
Trend Airshield Battery Charging Notes PDF file notes https://youtu.be/DwkSmlJKgJY
Setting the Speed Limit on the PSI Lathe How to adjust the low and high end speeds on the PSI lathe. https://youtu.be/p1jEazEv3Tk
Router Table in Ridgid R4512 Tablesaw How to put a router table in the popular HomeDepot Tablesaw. PDF plans https://youtu.be/ALJ9tEdRf_U
Addendum to Router Table in Rodgid Table Saw I mages of how I attached the table to the supports made. https://youtu.be/ALJ9tEdRf_U
Flip Top Tool Stand My flip top tool stand and how I modified it to reduce the height https://youtu.be/Dwi6Ako3wq4
Porter*Cable 14" Band Saw Modifications 12 Modifications for better performance and use https://youtu.be/PN7aihpNwZQ
Carter Guides - Porter*Cable Band Saw How I adapted Carter Blade Guides to fit my Porter*Cable 14" Band Saw https://youtu.be/3LVx8PIXRnk
Precision Pliers Stand Plans for Harbor Freight Precision Pliers https://youtu.be/vt2VrmvlKOg
Shop Safety Notes Relative Links:  International Building Codes    Generic Local Guide https://youtu.be/ZAwMGb8Hz2E
Incra Mast-R-LiftII for Rockler Tables User Guide User Guide in PDF  
Incra Mast-R-LiftII Mechanics & Maintenance PDF on maintenace  


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